“M” Series
Magnetic Driven Pumps

The “M” Series Magnetic Driven Pumps represent the latest state of the art design in pumps. The “M” Series has been engineered to meet the most severe operating conditions.

When fitted with a carbon bearing, the “M” Series will allow for periods of dry running. The self radiating structure, in addition to the non-contact principle with front and rear supported spindle, greatly improves the ability to withstand cavitation and running against a closed discharge valve.

“M” Series pumps are highly recommended for use in various production processes such as filtering, spraying, washing, plating and etching in surface treatment applications.

The “M” Series uses a split volute pump casing that forms a vortex chamber. The volute limits the liquid getting out of the impeller and returns it to the pump, which is guided to the discharge port to enhance overall efficiency.

Through heat dispersion holes provided in fixed portions of the impeller and the magnet capsule, the liquid around the spindle and bearing is forced to circulate. Heat generated by friction can be reduced effectively, thereby preventing any thermal deformation and reducing wear.

“M” Series pumps utilized standard NEMA frame motors making them easy to install.