Customerization. When your tank filtration problems go beyond catalog solutions.

Sometimes you need more help than you can find on a process filtration website - even CAMAC's website. That's the time to call CAMAC for "CUSTOMERIZATION".

CAMAC specialists uncover your tank filtration problems and recommend smart, cost effective solutions. These solutions might be specific products available right off the shelf, or as it often happens, the solution might require CAMAC "CUSTOMERIZATION" - the ability to adapt existing CAMAC products to meet your filtration applications.

You know CAMAC's incomparable quality and our reputation for meeting orders in 1-2 weeks. CAMAC filtration equipment is often in place before many manufacturers can deliver catalog items. And, with more than 65 years experience, we don't sell "blue sky concepts."

So look carefully into your filtration equipment problems. Be brutally frank as you study your current and future system requirements. Then phone CAMAC and watch how quickly and cost efficiently we solve your Pump and Filter needs.