Assembly Instructions for Vertical Immersion Pumps
Models SM-40B to SM-90B Bracket Design

  1. Position motor mount on "C" face of motor.  Do not bolt
  2. Loosely bolt bearing to motor mount.
  3. Lift motor mount and slip coupling onto motor shaft.
  4. Tighten motor mount bolts.  Loose fit.
  5. Insert vapor seal with open side facing out into CPVC mounting flange.
  6. Position mounting flange onto motor mount (vapor seal closest to motor) and tighten four each flat head bolts with nuts through mounting flange.
  7. Mount column(s) with reinforced teflon outer sleeve(s) aligning slats and notches.  Tighten.
  8. Position bottom flange onto lower column utilizing aligning slats and notches.  Tighten with hex head cap screws.
  9. For one piece shaft sleeve, slide shaft sleeve (with bearings) over shaft.
  10. For two or more shaft sleeve arrangement, slide collar onto top of shaft.
  11. For two or more shaft sleeves, slide with bearings and O-rings in designated order over shaft.  Mark shaft at point where top of sleeve ends.  Slide sleeves and O-rings down, and tighten collar 1/16" down from mark.  Slide sleeves and O-rings back.
  12. Align stainless steel key in key way.
  13. Insert viton O-ring into impeller.
  14. Align impeller onto stainless steel shaft.
  15. Insert vtion O-ring into impeller cap.
  16. Tighten impeller cap onto stainless steel shaft.
  17. Insert shaft and impeller through column(s)/sleeve(s), bearing and collar and into coupling.  Tighten coupling with 1/64" space between impeller back vanes and under surface of bottom flange.
  18. Tighten bearing.
  19. Tighten collar.
  20. Tighten coupling.
  21. Mount volute case with O-ring to bottom flange hex head cap screws.  Snug fit.